Wisdo connects people into communities of shared experiences. It goes beyond the typical idea of social media to provide people with help and support for a wide variety of topics, including mental health, sexuality, and family. We have a lot to offer each other, and Wisdo is a space to channel that energy for good.

What is Wisdo?

Wisdo is a unique chat app available on the App Store and Google Play. Its main goal is to connect people who have lived through similar, difficult experiences with others. The Wisdo app’s design makes it easy to ask for and offer advice on how to deal with heavy emotions.

Through a unique and carefully developed process, Wisdo leads new users into specific online communities where they can connect, chat, and build friendships.

The Wisdo app works because regular people have so much untapped wisdom. Yet, they rarely have the chance to ever share it with those who need to hear it.

Overall, the Wisdo team values authenticity, visibility, and community.

This app allows people to be authentic and share meaningful experiences with others. It also gives users who are struggling a space to feel visible to others.

Wisdo gives them an outlet where they know someone will respond and offer meaningful advice. It also gives people an idea about what to expect as they go further, whether dealing with a breakup or an ill family member.

And above all, the idea of community is at the center of Wisdo. From the entire community of users, to the smaller communities based around shared life experiences, Wisdo wants people to feel like others are there for them whenever.

New App to Connect People Together

This app helps show people that they are not alone in their feelings or experiences. It is modelled somewhat on traditional social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. But it varies in how it connects people beyond superficial connections and relationships.

Wisdo builds connections one step at a time.

Wisdo strives to find the intricate details that link so many people together. The important ones that would not be known from being friends on another social media site.

Your unique story is central to this process.

Connecting People Into Online Communities

Everyone who signs up for an account on Wisdo gets to create a personal profile about their life and experiences. Because Wisdo’s goal is to connect people who have had shared experiences, the more information people share, the better.

The Wisdo app takes those experiences and connects people with communities that relate to them.

There are communities for a wide variety of topics, a few examples include:

Mental healthSelf-growthFamilyPhysical healthSexualityIdentity

But beyond connecting people, Wisdo’s central idea is to give people help from those who can understand what they are going through in life.

Why Was Wisdo Created?

According to Wisdo CEO, Boaz Gaon, the app uses incredible technology that has mapped out all kinds of painful experiences and finds ways to connect people using those experiences. The idea for the app came from the creator’s struggle with his father’s cancer diagnosis.

He thought how nice it would be to have a place to connect with people who had gone through, or were going through this difficult experience.

He realized that it only felt like he was the first person to struggle with this kind of difficulty. In reality, there were probably lots of people who had encountered a similar hurdle in their lives. But he did not have the means to connect with those people who had lived through a family member getting a cancer diagnosis. Gaon created Wisdo to fill that void he had discovered.

How Does Wisdo Work?

What makes the Wisdo app special is the unique process they have developed to connect people using the app. Instead of just throwing your life story online, Wisdo helps you follow steps to map out the experiences that you have had or are having that might connect you with others.

The Wisdo Process

Joining Wisdo begins with building a personal profile. On your profile, you share your story with others on Wisdo.

The more experiences that you choose to share broadens the people you might be able to connect within the communities.

You might discover someone who has been through several of the same experiences as you. Or you might be connected with someone who has a story that is very similar to yours.

After building a profile, Wisdo automatically starts to connect you to people. You can easily discover those that you would benefit from connecting with. As well as those who would benefit from a connection with you! In the beginning, new users are Buddies and get paired with a Helper. But eventually, you can become a Helper to others and share the advice you have to get through what they are dealing with at that time.

There is a chat feature on Wisdo that lets you have private conversations with the people you connect within these online communities.

You might choose to reach out to someone asking for help. But someone else might also reach out to you via a private message. The great thing about Wisdo is that it has a secure platform that protects its users’ information and makes sure to monitor for suspicious or harmful activity.

And ultimately, Wisdo gives you the tools to build friendships for a lifetime. You can always update your profile or add new content as you go along. Eventually, you even might choose to offer help to others. Wisdo is about promoting growth in yourself and other people. People that start as strangers may become amazing friends. And you might have never met them unless you connected through Wisdo.

Digging Deep and Learning from Others

Wisdo seeks to connect people beyond superficial commonalities.

Each user can select the experience that they would like to find someone to connect over.

As Wisdo has grown, there have been more and more options added. Examples include “heartbreak,” “being body positive,” and “coping with depression.” But there are hundreds of more communities, such as people preparing for college, people buying their first house, survivors of sexual assault, and much more.

But instead of being connected with anyone who has depression or heartbreak in their shared experiences, Wisdo asks users to find the exact stage where they are at within that topic. Users are asked to build a “timeline” of their experience. This helps Wisdo better understand what common steps are involved with the full journey. For example, someone dealing with depression might include the step of finding a therapist.

From there a user can join a group chat of individuals dealing with that stage, or embark on a one-on-one chat with someone who has been designated a “helper”. In this way, Wisdo builds even smaller communities of people.

The goal is for no one to feel alone with their struggles.

Safety and Security

Building a safe and secure space for people dealing with difficult life experiences was important to Wisdo’s founders.

Unlike the openness of other social media networks, where almost anyone can join and share and post, Wisdo carefully monitors users and content.

Users must verify that they are 18 years or older before creating an account on Wisdo. Some communities on Wisdo deal with certain topics that would be better for an underage individual to bring to the attention of their parents or some other adult in their life.

As an 18-year-old, you are a legal adult and do not need parental permission. Before that, it may be necessary for parents to consent to their child using Wisdo thanks to the exchange of sensitive information at times on the app.

Moderators also supervise all the online communities. This supervision is to ensure that users do not post content that could be harmful to others.

It also means that issues that require the intervention of authorities is handled through the proper, offline channels. Moderators are trained by a crisis expert and improve their skills through monthly, training sessions. They receive notifications about flagged search words and keywords to mitigate problems quickly.

The presence of trained moderators in the communities allows people to be more vulnerable than they might be on other social media sites. There is less risk involved with sharing deeply personal information with strangers on Wisdo compared to Facebook.

Who Was Wisdo Created For?

Wisdo aims to help people who might be struggling with an issue and feel alone in that struggle.

The creator of the app saw something missing for people that are dealing with mental health issues, body positivity, significant life changes, and much more. So, it was created to fill that void for so many people who did not have anyone to turn to for advice in trying times.

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nyone Struggling With an Issue

Anyone over 18 can create a profile and start connecting with others. There are over 100 different “issues” or “topics” to select from on Wisdo. The majority of users are reported as young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. This group most often chooses “anxiety,” “getting motivated,” and “relationship advice” as the issue they are struggling with most in their lives.

Other people at different stages in their life might select different topics to connect by. Older individuals might be dealing with emotions surrounding buying a home or having a baby. They can connect with others who have been there and done that already.

Essentially, Wisdo gives them the means to get meaningful advice from people who have lived through something that made them struggle.

Become a Buddy, Helper, or a Guide

Every user who signs up for a Wisdo account can become a Buddy, which means they get paired with a Helper.

Wisdo works to match new Buddies with Helpers based on similar experiences that they have shared on their timelines. Helpers get matched to their Buddies based on whether they have gone through the step that the Buddy needs advice about or help to work through with someone.


And a Buddy can eventually become a Helper to others after interacting enough on the Wisdo app. Wisdo will invite users with a high number of positive ratings on their comments or based on their helpfulness in the chatrooms to become a Helper. You have to be active and provide meaningful comments for Wisdo to recognize your potential to be a helpmate for other users.


From there, highly-rated and active Helpers might be tapped to become a Guide. Guides are the people who lead chatroom discussions, welcome new users to the app, and watch out for language to potentially flag as inappropriate. A small portion of these Guides will receive added responsibilities as Super Guides. This means they can suspend or ban users and send out notifications to specific Wisdo groups.

This hierarchy is the core of Wisdo.

Without designated people to offer advice and lead discussions, it would be difficult for users to find any meaning or make any progress in their issues.

Wisdo promotes growth in people. As more people sign up, there are always new Helpers graduating from Buddy status to help the new users.


Compared to traditional social media sites, Wisdo is a space meant to build meaningful communities of individuals. By connecting users by their shared experiences, people have a place to go to for meaningful advice and support.

The goal of Wisdo is to help people feel less alone in their experiences.

Because it is a safe and secure platform, users do not need to be afraid of opening up and letting others in to help.

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