There are moments when what the spiritual path really Is hits you. 

I’m not talking about any initial spiritual shift. The initial shifts typically show us rather obvious personal issues that we’ve been ignoring. In the more enjoyable initial spiritual experiences, we often glimpse a piece of reality, but we have no idea what it means to surrender to reality yet. Actually, most of us think we can have it without giving up anything…you know, hold onto your cake and digest it at the same time. Which isn’t possible, but that’s what we hope.

None of those early moments are what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is when a person really gets it at a new level. For example, Jane finally understands that she has to let go of her attachments to find freedom from suffering. I mean she feels it like a slap to the face because she is realizing how much her attachments–unpleasurable and pleasurable–are all making her suffer. And she suddenly feels like everything else has been a defense or attempt to bargain with her ego. She can’t get around it. She has to accept this, or her time on the spiritual path is done.

That’s more of what I’m talking about. It’s an internal make or breakpoint, and it’s time to find out if you really want spiritual freedom after all.

The Choice for Freedom

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