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RoHS /CE /FCC /PSE Certified

Tired of going to the doctor for the suspected ear issues? GEECR’s smartphone otoscope can help you prevent that, just like having a home doctor for your family. Aims to provide greater insights into ear canal and tympanic membrane, users can easliy get rid of ear wax by seeing the inside of ear on android/windows/Mac when no one is nearby, also upload captured images and videos to doctors to get further advice, letting you know if there is need to visit the doctor, preventing meaningless money cost.

ear otoscopeear otoscope


Camera Diameter: 4.3mm (0.17inch) Cable Length: 1.8m Sensor: 1.0 Megapixel Interface: USB2.0 UVCResolution: 640*480,1280*720 Pixel Focal length: 20-30mm Light: 6 Brightness Adjustable LEDsOperation System: Android 4.5 or above, Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX10.6 or later

For Android 4.5+:

Please download [Endoscope camera] or [CameraFi] from Google Play Store.

For Windows 7/8/10:

Please download [Endoscope camera] or [Amcap]

For MacBook OSX 10.6+:

Please run the Mac’s own software:[Photo Booth] or [QuickTime Player].

( Does Not support iPhone & iPad )

there is another version of 3.9 mm otoscope with screen in our store, which requires no extra device nor app to inspect ears, check this version by copy the ASIN :B07YBVQG73 to the search box or visit our store directly to find it.

4.3mm otoscope4.3mm otoscope

4.3mm Ultra-Thin Camera Diameter

TRUE 1.0 Megapixel Resolution

With electronic micro-camera, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig earwax through the USB data cable.

Ultra small lens with HD 720 pixels, easy access ear canal and see more clearly.

6 LED Adjustable Lights

6pcs LED lamp brightness can be adjusted by dimmer button of the control box according to your need.

USB powered camera and light ensures full power all the time, and eliminates the need for batteries or “recharging”. Unique built-in heater minimizes condensation on the lens.

IP67 Waterproof

Antioxidant & Anti-corrosion Coating

We improved the production technology, the waterproof grade of this otoscope camera probe is IP67, you can clean it with water or wipe with alcohol, this would be much more clean and sanitary.

Package Include

1x Digital Otoscope

1x Type-C Adapter

3x Speculas Tips

4x Earpicks

3x Alcohol Pad

5x Stainless Steel Earpicks

1x User Manual


Exclusive Chip Technology- Improved Camera Chip Stability and Image Resolution

Up to 99.99% Glass Transmittance

The powerful light source lets you present crisp images on a computer or phone. USB power eliminates the need to worry about charging your otoscope. And, a unique built-in heater helps to minimize condensation so you always have crisp, clear images.

ear check

ear check

ear pick

ear pick

otoscope image

otoscope image

Suitable for Kid’s Ear Canal

If your child is older than 12 months, pull the outer ear gently up and back. (If she’s younger than 12 months, pull the outer ear gently straight back.) This will straighten the ear canal and make it easier to see inside.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Ear Set

Five-piece stainless steel ear spoon. Different sizes and uses to meet your needs. In addition to removing earwax, the spiral coil tip is also ideal for ear massage.

Multi-function Use

With a 4.3mm tapered probe and miniature video camera, it makes capturing clear, high-resolution videos of otoscope examinations as easy as can be.



4.5 inch large screen





Android / For Windows 7/8/10 / For MacBook OSX 10.6+

No limit, just connect





6 lights

6 lights

speculum tips

concluded, need more, please visit our store

concluded, need more, please visit our store

Megapixel Camera Chip Stability and High Resolution: The real Megapixel Pixels, offering crystal clear view for you. (we have been dedicated to making ear otoscopes for years!!!)
Ear Infection & Wax Checker at Home: A great alternative for replacing an expensive piece of medical equipment to look in ears, suitable for using it at home or work. You can take pictures or videos while exploring the ear canal, ideal for tracking infections or to send a pic to the doctor, great both for adults and pediatrics, at-home veterinary care.
Easy to use: Compatible with Android devices, Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OSX 10.6+ PC. Download APP or Smart Camera drive to connect your phone or PC, clean the speculum (preventing sticking the scope too deep into ear) with the alcohol pad we provide and fit it to the viewing end of the otoscope, turn on the light, view and record images or videos for further use.(iPhone not supported!)
Extra Ear Wax Removal Tool: 1x Digital Otoscope 1x Type-C Adapter 3x Speculas Tips 4x Earpicks 3x Alcohol Pad 5x Stainless Steel Earpicks 1x User Manual for safe and easy use.