👀 Today’s tip: Follow the 20–20–20 rule to give your eyes a break.

You’re probably exhausted. Your eyes are probably exhausted. Staring wide-eyed at a laptop screen all week as you frantically refresh the news can do that.

On ElementalAshley Mateo points to an old standby of eye doctors everywhere: To give your eyes some rest, follow the 20–20–20 rule. Every 20 minutes or so, fix your gaze on something roughly 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. “Not only does that give your eyes a focusing break, it encourages blinking, and gives your eyes a rest from those blue light wavelengths,” Mateo writes. “If you really struggle to tear yourself away from digital devices, set an alarm to snap yourself out of your staring contest with your screen.”

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By: Cari Nazeer
Title: Try this 20-second reset
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Published Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2020 12:01:13 GMT