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Product Description

red light therapy lampred light therapy lamp

Brand Story

I see that many people on the market are starting to pay attention to led red light lamps, because many people are beginning to understand the benefits of red light 660nm-850nm for the human body. there is some evidence that it can be worked such as skin conditions, improving acne, wound healing, hair growth, reducing pain, enhancing bone recovery, anti-inflammatory benefits.

But I heard that many users said that where I can find the reliable led red light therapy device, and how can I use it easily at home, In particular, I found that many people need to buy a light socket by themselves, including myself, and the most important is that now so many led red light therapy lamps is expensive on the market, and it let so many people can’t spend the suitable cost to enjoy the red light therapy.

So I got an idea I want to offer the value of money led red therapy lights to the people need it.

I have a mission to help more people pay less money and use it more conveniently at home and they can enjoy the benefits of red light therapy.

My goal is to enable everyone to use effective red light therapy at home.

In order to achieve this goal, I decided to develop a product suitable for use at home, I found many technicians to develop equipment suitable for use at home, and it is easy to use and inexpensive. This decision in order to help many people can used it at home easily.

I have spent 2 years to find the Technical staff and the quality material, and we made so many testing, finally we have our first product and with the light socket together.

Now that I finally have my first product, are you willing to support me?

red light therapy device with light socketred light therapy device with light socket

How to install

1. Put the light in the light socket and install it.

2. After the light screw is in, Tighten the screws on both sides of the light socket, then the light won’t shake.

3. Notice: The light socket can be rotated 360 degrees and adjusted up and down 120 degrees.

4. Use hand to guide light to desired area as your needed.

5. Turn light on and enjoy the warm and beautiful therapy.

red light therapy bulbsred light therapy bulbs

Light Therapy Range

Below is the actual experimental test data

220 mW/cm^2 @ 0 inch

143 mW/cm^2 @ 3 inch

76 mW/cm^2 @ 6 inch

red light therapy bulbsred light therapy bulbs

How it works

Red Light at 660nm

1. Optimized for superficial skin absorption

2. Increased collagen production

3. Promotes skin condition

Infrared Light at 850nm

1. Deeper penetration into muscles and body tissues

2. Reduction in joint pain

3. Enhanced muscle recovery

red light therapy device

red light therapy device

best gift for girl

best gift for girl

best gift for boy

best gift for boy

Coming with light socket

Tecanne red light therapy lamp coming with light socket, no additional required to find affordable support, put the light in the light socket and enjoy your light therapy salon at home.

Best gift for your girl

Easy to install and use, red light therapy promote collagen regeneration, eliminate wrinkles on the face and neck, improves skin healthy, relieves fatigue at work.

Best gift for your boy

Red light therapy promotes wound healing and tissue repair, improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia, helps to mend sun damage trusted Source, relieves joint pain and muscle recover.

💡18pcs High powerful LED beads💡 The red light therapy device has 18pcs high power LED in total. Bulb wavelengths 660nm-9pcs deep red and 850nm-9pcs near infrared which are NOT visible to the human. This gives the bulb it’s powerful effects both in the deep red and near infrared spectrum.
💡Red light therapy (RLT) benefits💡 Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that is generally considered safe, it may help skin, muscle tissue, improves hair growth and other parts of your body heal.
💡Well made with cooling & durable use💡 Lamp material Aluminum with cooling fins, completely silent No noise or cooling fans, life Span 50,000+ hours.
💡100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE💡 Please feel free to contact us whenever you meet quality problem, we provide 1 year warranty and lifetime customer service, guarantee 30 days return or refund.