Price: $34.99
(as of Dec 01,2020 11:57:54 UTC – Details)

This is a great product.

1,2 million pixels is twice the resolution of 1 million pixels. This is a real otoscope with light, a real super clear otoscope. It is suitable for all smart phones, and can take photos and videos.
2, Three-axis intelligent directional gyro, which can make the image not shake or reverse, and has a magical directional effect. Without its otoscope, the image is swaying and upside down, which will form a mirror image, making people unable to distinguish between left and right, up and down, positive and negative. When solving problems, we need the truth.
3, The entire product needs to go through 31 mechanical procedures, 4 manual processes, and 42 assembly operations before it can be made. The small switch can be light-transmitting and bright at night, and it will be automatically closed at regular time.
4,Four functions of intelligent visual ear wash stick: waterproof, non-slip, anti-freeze, and anti-heat. IP67 waterproof lens, 5 silicone ear picks, 6 LED lights, human ears are 25 °C, and the maximum is only 35 °C. The internal 250 mAh battery can only be used for one hour after power on for one hour. Dedicated APP with two buttons for left and right ears.
5,There are two major uses: the earpick removes the earwax, and the otoscope can clearly see the inside of the ear. Otoscope sets have become a must-have for families: children’s otoscopes, elderly otoscopes, pet otoscopes, and so on. We pursue 100% customer satisfaction: provide 1 year warranty, full refund and 24 hours response time.