Many spiritual paths go to great lengths to lay claim to “the Truth.” But the reality is no one owns the truth. If anything, we are owned by it. 

Yet somehow, people (individually or in specific spiritual traditions) claim to have it. They know it, and they can give it to you. That last part is often followed by an “if.” They can give it to you if you believe what they believe, do what they do, donate money, show up at a place regularly, have sex with them, or something else. They can give it to you if you earn the right to know the truth. They can give it to you if you are special enough, and of course, once you know it/have it, you’re now special.

Take a breath.

Can you see how loaded that little paragraph is? Can you feel how disempowering it is?

Perhaps some of it actually resonates too, but that kind of resonance is just a subconscious ego trigger telling you that you’re hearing something you’ve heard many, many times before. We get taught a lot of lies repeatedly by our society, and unresolved ego attachments make it easy for people to be manipulated by these “owners” of the truth.

Discovering Unconscious Associations and Feelings

The tangle of attachments and illusions around the truth disenfranchises many people about the spiritual path, and it hides the reality that spiritual truth is already here and now.

And no one owns it.

Specialness and a Snarled Mess of Issues