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Product Description


The intelligent myLumi Humidifier can be used as a humidifier, a fragrance diffuser, a Bluetooth speaker and a lamp at one time. Its modern and fashionable design also makes it an artistic décor to your room.

Special water tank design, it’s compact yet easy maintenance. Single water-fill allows mist lasting for whole sleeping night (8~12 hours with two mist mode selections). Top-fill design makes water replenishment quick and convenient, while tank cleaning easy. Daily cleaning process is recommended for baby and elderly nurseries.

top filling

top filling

100% BPA free

100% BPA free

wireless remote control

wireless remote control

Top fill water tank design, easy water refilling and tank cleaning. 300mL/0.08 Gallon Water Tank capacity with mist last for 8 – 12 hours under two mist modes (ON/ INT).

Automatic power off when water level is too low and the lamp flashes red twice as a safety alert. 100% BPA-Free (same material as baby bottles)

Wireless remote control, convenient, fast and silent operation, does not disturb children’s and elderly’s sleep (operation range of 7 meters).

4 senses enjoyment4 senses enjoyment

Enhance your enjoyment from four senses:

Sight: 256-color vibrant lighting brings you a visual feast

Hearing: Relaxing music from mobile phone

Smell: Therapeutic fragrances of essential oils

Touch: Cool mist moisturizing your skin


Essential oil diffuser: Essential oil has a soothing effect on the body and helps to fall asleep. Add your favorite essential oil to the water, and after a few minutes, the aroma will fill your room and be suitable for pregnant women and babies during pregnancy.
Ultra-quiet operation: Silent design, the device operates quietly and will not affect the baby’s sleep. You can place it anywhere in the room without affecting reading or work. With 7 kinds of warm color atmosphere lights, not glare, very suitable for bedside lamps
Smart Bluetooth speaker: With Bluetooth speaker function, children’s music and lullaby can be played by linking the phone. The built-in white noise function simulates the sound of natural environment and resists noise.
With wireless remote control: remote operation, no need to walk around frequently, keep your baby room quiet and more convenient to use.