Price: $48.98
(as of Nov 18,2020 07:20:59 UTC – Details)

Blancka Light Therapy Lamp Portable/New Design Features:

1. Genuine Full Spectrum Light: Blancka Sunlight lamp delivers a UV-free 12,000 lux to provide you with a daily sunshine boost.
2. New Design: Level 1-40 brightness fine adjustment; Time Option; Max 12000 Lux; Time & Function Display Window; Sole sunrise and sunset simulation Function; Hi-quality materials
3. Durable & Portable: Fits easily into a backpack or briefcase with a durable design.
4. Protecting your eyes well: Flicker-free and true high quality full spectrum led reduces eyestrain and eye fatigue.
5. Safe for Eyes & Skin: Genuine full spectrum, UV-free light has passed internationally recognized safety tests for vision.

** NATURAL THERAPY LIGHT: 1. Upgrated Genuine Full Spectrum LED Light; 2. Max 12,000 lux; 3. UV-Free full Spectrum light closely simulate a sunny day, bring the “sunshine” inside
** GENUINE FULL SPECTRUM LED LIGHT: It is true full spectrum led light, protecting your eyes and skin well. Please refer to the the true R1-R15 data (R1=96, R2=98, R3=98, R4=96,R5=97,R6=97,R7=99,R8=96,R9=88, R10=96, R11=93, R12=90,R13=97,R14=99,R15=95). this therapy light help to keep your skin and eyes safe and improve your mood.
** 1-40 LEVEL FINE-TUNE: 1. 4 level brightness options from 500 to 12000 Lux and 1-40 level brightness fine-tune, easy to adjust as your will; 2. 5-grade timing options, you can set it at 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h or 4h. it will shut down automatically when the time comes
**MODERN DESIGN: 1. Portable pad design, fits to any desk or work surface, suitable for home and office; 2. Integrated foldable bracket. 6-level angle adjustable; 3. Two wall-mount holes. easy for usage in different scenes.