In life, we get what we request.
Now you state that it isn’t real. You say you request flexibility in life and joy, and all you got was feeling chained down and bad. Let’s have a more detailed look at how thought works and how our subconscious mind works because it’s the same. Whatever begins with an idea. Many ideas in the same instructions will, for sure, manifest in the genuine world.
This is the procedure of development.

We are developed in the same procedure. We utilize this procedure of development all the time, without understanding it. Then we like many individuals and utilize this power to produce an unfavorable life when we are not mindful. We have unfavorable ideas and get adverse outcomes.
We will get favorable outcomes in our life when we discover how to believe good ideas.

Our subconscious mind is like the earth. Earth is the client, works in silence, and provides us precisely what we put in it. And yet, that’s how we respond in real life. We look for who can perhaps be the fault of that (typically, we blame the moms and dads or the husband/wife for what goes incorrect in our life). And then we sob and state we do not have any luck in our lives.

When the mainstream of your ideas is unfavorable, let’s state for 85 %, then the result will be damaging for 85%. Your ideas fall into your subconscious mind, which carries out precisely what you put in it. It is like the earth.
Do not be mad about your life. Rather than being angry, find out how it works, and find out to get favorable outcomes in your life. Believe just ideas you want to see take place in real life.