The law of attraction essentially states that if you really want something and you are positive about getting it then it starts making its way to reach you and you will get what you wish for.

This is the theme for the new Kanye West song “law of attraction”. In his song he talks about how this law is true and what it really means in his opinion. In the song, Kanye talks about how if you wish for something you get exactly that so be careful what you wish for. He mentions in his song that you should follow your dreams because one day you will face them. Kanye gives the message that we should never give up on our passions and dreams and that there is no dream that is “too big”, in a way he is telling his listeners that whatever it is that we desire we can get it and it will come to us so we shouldn’t let go of it.

The law of attraction is an interesting take on psychology and it relates our psychological thinking with the nature of things and our desires. If we want to achieve a certain goal, the goal will work towards reaching us. This is a very different take on how things work in life but the main idea is to surround ourselves with positivity and to believe that no goal, dream, or aspiration is too big to come true. It is human nature to become discouraged by a series of events that do not go in our favor and to often give up on what we want after failure but the law of attractions says otherwise, it states that if we have a true desire to achieve something then we will achieve it.

This is the essence of Kanye’s song as well and this is the message that he is trying to convey through his powerful lyrics that we do, in fact, get what we wish for and while giving us the good news he also adds a slight warning that this also means that we should be careful what we wish for because we are attracting the things that we desire.

“Did you ever think of a dream too big to imagine?

Follow your passion, one day you’ll face

The law of attraction, be careful what you ask for

Means I got what I asked for, exactly what I asked for”

~ Kanye West (law of attraction)