✅ Today’s tip: Use strategic clutter to create a more calming workspace.

Your desk decor isn’t just a reflection of your personality. It’s also a tool that can help get you into a calmer, more creative, more productive state of mind. As Jacqueline Detwiler explains, one way to do this is to surround yourself with examples of fractal geometry, or “patterns that are made up of smaller versions of the overall form” (think: a shelf of books of different colors and heights all facing the same way).

“A bookshelf is just complicated enough to hold our attention while at the same time orderly enough to evoke a sense of calm,” Detwiler writes. “If you can strike this balance with your decor, by choosing different manifestations of a particular theme (sunflowers, fashion photos, antique candy machines, fonts, pictures of cars), or even just by piling your folders in a way that looks interesting, your brain will be in a better place.”

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By: Cari Nazeer
Title: How to arrange your workspace for a better day
Sourced From: forge.medium.com/how-to-arrange-your-workspace-for-a-better-day-db1454dd830d?source=rss—-3f6ecf56618—4
Published Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:02:35 GMT

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