Healthy Corn Salad Recipe

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There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the use of corn in our daily diet. There were a lot of controversies when we heard of GM Corn still the fact remains that most people prefer to eat corn especially during winters after cooking it, with butter, oils, and masala seasonings. It has become a favorite of dieters too.

Though it is safest to eat corn cooked yet many people like it raw. The corn kernels add texture to different salads and soups. According to USDA here are a few tips for storing and preparing corn…

Uncooked corn can be stored in the refrigerator for nearly 5 days.

Freezing cooked corn at zero degrees Fahrenheit for up to 6 months is safe.

While using packaged corn, it is best to check for the ‘expiry date’ or “best by” date.

Well, if you ask me, my research says that corn is not really a food with many nutritional benefits. Yes I mean it but of course corn is not a harmful food even. It does have several nutritional benefits, it is not really particularly rich in any specific nutrient and also contains less fiber than many other complex carbohydrates. Some people having dietary restrictions might think of corn as a poor food choice like those who are trying to reduce carbohydrate intake. Such people seeking a high-protein diet may want to choose nuts, lean meat, fish, and dairy products instead since they are higher in protein than corn.

Nevertheless, I am sharing a Quick Healthy Corn Salad Recipe, all credits to my nutritionist. This is one of my evening snacks, especially during winters.

Quick Healthy Corn Salad Recipe


1 cup boiled/steamed corn1 small chopped onion1 small chopped tomatoHalf chopped cucumber

If you are expecting me to give you a step-by-step procedure, then I would perhaps say, it’s DIY :P. Just mix all the ingredients and add a pinch of salt n pepper. Chaat masala and lemon would make it more yum!

Happy snacking and have a great week :)!

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Quick Healthy Corn Salad Recipe smells great when you use freshly boiled steaming hot corns.

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