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Extract earwax the easy, safe, natural way with Healov’s At Home Ear Wax Extraction Kit!
The holistic solution for the removal of waxy buildup, flushing (or “irrigating”) the ears safely,
gently & naturally flushes ear canals clean. No need for plunging, pulling, poking or prodding. *Kit Includes: 16oz ear wax irrigation bottle, otoscope, bulb, brush, 5 single use tips Unlike an ear wax removal vacuum, this spray ear cleaner flushes earwax rather than sucking
it out. Flushing is considered the safest & gentlest all natural ear cleaning solution for humans. ฀ Multi-Directional Spraying Nozzle: Split Stream for More Effective Cleaning
Earwax wand delivers a multi way spray to wash away waxy gunk from all angles. ฀ Flexible No Leak Hose Attachment: Flex Hose with Leak Resistant Fittings
Easy to self administer. Cover soft tip with a disposable cap to maintain cleanliness. ฀ Safe for Adults, Teens & Children 6+: Cleaner Ears For the Entire Family!
These ear cleaning tools for adults can also be used to clean the ears of kids 6yr+. ฀ Bonus Suction Bulb + Cleaning Brush: Complete Kit with All Required Tools
Use ear cleaning rubber bulb to suck up any excess water & the brush to clean up. Gentle on eardrums, ear wax irrigation is especially recommended for children & senior citizens.
Flushing is simple. Place the basin under the ear being treated to collect drainage, insert the tip in
your ear & then squeeze the bottle to enjoy a soothing water flushing. Repeat process if necessary. ENT specialists recommend cleansing ears occasionally when clogging occurs to keep ear canals
wax-free. And no other ear wax unclogger is as gentle on the ears as earwax bottle sprayer system. Clogged ears can’t wait. Click >ADD TO CART< to order your spray away ear wax extraction kit!
ALL COMPONENTS INCLUDED IN 1 SET: Ear cleaning kit includes refillable spray bottle with easy squeeze trigger nozzle, otoscope flex wand, bulb for suctioning, 5 disposable tips & basin & cleaning brush.
NATURAL EARWAX REMOVAL METHOD: Cleaning your ears regularly is recommended to prevent buildup. Enjoy the benefits of a natural earwax irrigation system arranged to support healthy grooming habits.
EASY TO USE EAR CLEANING DEVICES: Our ergonomic earwax removal tools are designed to prevent strain on the ear canal. Flushing your ears of wax couldn’t be less painless. (Instructions included.)
SAFE, GENTLE EAR FLUSHING SYSTEM: No other earwax drainer is as gentle as a water flusher. Grab yourself the best holistic ear cleaner kit for adults & children. No pain, discomfort or toxic solutions required.