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Product Description

EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System REFILLS (30 Warming Wafer Pairs) – Treatment for Dry Eyes


Why Use EyeGiene?
EyeGiene was invented by a US ophthalmologist in response to his patients’ needs. Many disorders require warm eyelid compresses. The EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System was designed to be the most convenient, safe, effective, and portable product of its kind, without the requirement for a microwave or stove. Today, the EyeGiene precision warm compress is helping thousands of patients in countries around the world. The parent company, Eyedetec Medical, is pioneering dry eye treatments for both home maintenance use and physician office therapies.

What is it?
The EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System combines a soft reusable Eye Mask and disposable Warming Wafers, to deliver precise warm compress treatment of the eyelids.

What is in this EyeGiene Refill Box?
The EyeGiene Refill Box contains 30 pairs of packaged Warming Wafers, designed to be used only with the EyeGiene Eye Mask.

Insertion of EyeGiene Warming Wafers into the Eye Mask

Dry eye disease Meibomian gland dysfunction Blepharitis, Stye, Chalazia Eye Fatigue due to extended exposure to video displays

Is it a medical device?

Yes, EyeGiene is considered a medical device, and is available without a prescription.

1. Longitudinal Changes in Tear Evaporation Rates After

Eyelid Warming Therapies in Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Reference – Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2016;57

Conclusion regarding EyeGiene – Conjunctival Tear Evaporation rates can be effectively reduced by lid warming (i.e. EyeGiene) treatment in

some Miebomian Gland Dysfunction patients.

Appearance of EyeGiene Warming Wafer foil packets (each Refill box contains 30 foil packets)

Each pair EyeGiene Warming Wafers is packaged in an airtight foil package. Once the foil package is opened, the activation process will begin automatically. Upon insertion into the specially designed Eye Mask, the system delivers the precisely calibrated temperature at the eyelid surface.

EyeGiene is a home eyelid maintenance therapy for dry eye disease.

1. Clinical Trial of Thermal Pulsation (LipiFlow) in Meibomian

Gland Dysfunction With Preteatment Meibography

Reference – Eye & Contact Lens _ Volume 0, Number 0, Month 2016

Conclusion regarding EyeGiene – A single session of thermal pulsation was similar in its

efficacy and safety profile to 3 months of twice daily warm compresses

EyeGiene delivers the Right Temperature, for the Right Time, Any Where, Any Time, for treatment of dry eyes and associated eyelid problems.

The Warming Wafers are designed to produce the correct, calibrated temperature only after being inserted into the Eye Mask, and worn over gently closed eyelids.

The EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System is sold seperately, and contains the Eye Mask and a starter kit of 10 Warming Wafer pairs.

The EyeGiene brand is recoginized worldwide, and trusted as a developer of precision warming therapy for dry eye disease.

Helps relieve discomfort of EYE FATIGUE and computer EYE STRAIN
SOOTHING, COMFORTABLE HEAT THAT LASTS. It feels like a spa treatment for your eyes!
SAFE, NATURAL TREATMENT FOR dry eyes, blepharitis, and styes. FDA reviewed treatment invented by board-certified ophthalmologist.
30 disposable WARMING WAFER pairs