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Product Description

Eurow Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Therapeutic Gloves for Dry Hands and Beauty – White 2 Pack

Repair your dry or damaged skin quicker and more effectively with these cotton moisturizing gloves.

Simply apply your favorite lotion or moisturizer to your hands, put on the gloves and let them work their magic either during the day or at night when you sleep. The gloves are designed to lock in moisture providing relief and healing for your hands faster than lotion alone. For best results, apply lotion or cream before bed and wear overnight. Heal your dry skin while sleeping without dirtying your sheets. Breathable and comfortable, the gloves can be used to protect items from fingerprints. One size fits most. This is a set of 2 pairs of gloves made of cotton, 4 gloves total. Machine washable.

2 Pairs

The best value for your money

Included are 2 pairs of white moisturizing gloves that do so much more! These
ambidextrous and multipurpose gloves come in convenient One Size Fits Most
dimensions, and and are durable enough for multiple washes.


Efficient moisturizing has never been simpler or easier

After applying lotion, cream, moisturizer, or ointment simply slide the gloves on and let them facilitate the absorption of moisture into your skin.  Ultimate relief for your hands resulting in soft and smooth skin. Use during the day or at nighttime. In addition to healing your hands, they’ll prevent lotion from staining your clothes or bed sheets.

Multiple Uses

Use these gloves for tasks that you wish
to avoid finger prints and smudging, or 
daily chores, directing traffic, dust
inspection, costuming, ushering, music
band attire, butlering, or any activity
that benefits from having high visibilty
to hands.

These gloves will not interfere with your
daily functions. They are long enough to
fit large hands yet will still be a great fit for
small hands. You can also use these gloves
to conceal and protect skin disorders.

No matter the size of your hands
these gloves will fit well. They also
allow you to access your touch screen
devices, as well as carrying on with
your other important daily activities.

One-size-fits-most; Breathable and comfortable fit
Helps heal your hands effortlessly; Promotes soft and smooth skin
Prevents lotion from staining your clothes; Can also be used while handling delicate objects
Machine washable, durable and reusable