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Product Description


Water Tank Capacity: 1.4 gallons (5.5L)Customizable Humidity Range: 30%-80% RHMax Warm Mist Temperature: 104°F (40℃)Effective Range:430-753 ft² (40-70 m²)Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz, 110W


1.Do Not add essential oil into the water tank and base, or it will cause leakage and stop working

2.Pls DO NOT add water through the top nozzle or mist tube

WHY choose us ?

Our humidifier adopts a unique new technology with built-in ion generator, which can purify the air and soften hard water, which is better for sensitive sleepers, children and babies.Soft LED screen with digital humidity display.In the air-conditioned room, you will no longer feel dry and easily set the required humidity.Humidifier can also help keep indoor plants, wood floors and furniture healthy.


3-in-1 smart humidification mode

3-level fog

Ion resin filter

12 hours timer setting

3 smart modes: constant mode, automatic mode, and sleep mode

Constant Mode: You can set the required humidity level, and the LED display can display accurate real-time humidity.Auto Mode: It can automatically diffuse the mist and adjust the humidity to the most suitable level. (The most comfortable relative humidity for human beings: 40-60%RH)Sleep Mode: Press and hold the time button for more than 3 seconds, it will enter sleep mode, high haze, smoother, more comfortable fog

3 Level Mist

Warm fog function is more intimate

Our humidifier has a warm mist function. The sprayed mist is warm and will not lower the indoor temperature. It keeps the indoor humidity at a proper level, which is very suitable for winter use.

The 360°rotating nozzle makes the indoor humidity more even, the fog is smoother, and protects the floor and wooden furniture from getting wet

Timing & constant humidity function

Our humidifier has an electronic display, which can display real-time indoor humidity and help maintain constant indoor humidity

And you can also set the desired humidity, our humidifier will automatically stop after detecting the corresponding humidity, and automatically start when the humidity drops

【Cold & Warm Mist Mode, Used All Year Round】: Our humidifier can be set to five periods of cold and heat arbitrarily to adapt to different weather conditions, using cold fog mode in summer and warm fog mode in winter, which enhances the practicality of the humidifier Sex
【6L/1.58-gallon Water Tank, Lasts Longer】: The humidifier is equipped with a 6L large water tank, and ordinary households do not need to change the water frequently, and can continue to humidify all night, ensuring the quality of sleep and making it more convenient to use
【Customized Humidity】: Our humidifier has the function of intelligent constant humidity, which can display the current humidity in the room. We can set it to a specific humidity. When the humidifier reaches the set humidity, it will automatically stop working and continue when the humidity drops
【Sleep Mode】: When the sleep mode is turned on, the LED light will be turned off, the humidifier will humidify quietly, without sound and light, and is equipped with an aromatherapy box, you can drip some of your favorite flavor, with sleep, light sleepers, baby is very suitable for use
【What You Will Get】: An ultra-quiet humidifier, and our 90-day no-reason return service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our online mail