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Unlike topical products which only treat the surface of the skin, Eczema Pill attacks eczema at the source, stimulating the bodys own recovery response.Loma Luxs founder, Dr. Steven A. Smith M.D. developed Eczema Pill as a natural treatment for his eczema patients, free of the dangers of side effects many traditional eczema treatments can have.Used regularly, Eczema Pill helps prevent eczema flares from forming for clearer, healthy, itch-free skin day after day.

DERMATOLOGIST DEVELOPED – Our dermatologist founder originally conceived, created, researched, tested and developed Eczema Pill using 7 quality, natural, mother-earth derived minerals in an exclusive formulation for his own patients who wanted a natural, gentle alternative to harsh topical medications. STEROID-FREE. NON-IRRITATING. VEGAN. GLUTEN-FREE. LACTOSE-FREE
MULTI-SYMPTOM RELIEF – RELIEVES SKIN RASH AND ITCHY SKIN IN ONE PRODUCT! No need for multiple products – either messy creams or antihistamines. With just one daily dose, Eczema Pill provides non-drowsy, antihistamine-free itch relief while also relieving eczema symptoms of rash, dry skin, scaling and inflammation all in one.
INITIAL 2 – 4 WEEK TREATMENT COURSE TREATS CHILDREN AND ADULTS 25 LBS. AND UP – Eczema Pill works internally to relieve eczema scaling and itching for clear, healthy skin from within. Then, continue taking as long as beneficial for clear skin day after day. JUST ONCE DAILY DOSAGE is so convenient. Dosage is customized according to your weight, so you get optimal results. Natural Blueberry Flavor, Chewable Pill
NON-DROWSY ITCH RELIEF – So you can take Eczema Pill anytime, day or night without worrying about drowsiness affecting you or your child. If your symptoms are worse at night, take Eczema Pill at bedtime for effective relief. NATURAL MINERALS clear and soothe skin while they also promote skin health. Proudly made in the USA