Price: $19.92
(as of Nov 06,2020 05:02:48 UTC – Details)

HARD CASE-Third Generation Dr Mom Slimline Stainless LED Pocket Otoscope now includes True View Full Spectrum LED and Pocket Clip PLUS 2 Ear Gator Lighted Ear Curettes for earwax removal. The translucent ear curettes transmit the bright LED light to help in seeing and removing stubborn ear wax near the outer ear canal. Deeper earwax should be removed with irrigation. We also sell the Ear Gator irrigation system on Amazon. It is a gentle method to irrigate and remove deeper earwax. **This otoscope also comes at a discounted cost if you buy it with our EAR GATOR ear cleaning irrigation kit. It is the best most gentle ear irrigator available today. Just search Ear Gator Irrigation on Amazon** **The LED advantage with warm yellow incandescent light spectrum (since Nov 2017) like halogen but without the FRAGILE filament of an incandescent halogen bulb. Our proprietary LED module should never need replacement plus LED has the advantage of very low power consumption. Halogen bulbs eat batteries and contain a fragile filament that burns out over time and are fragile just like the old incandescent bulbs used in table lamps. You bump against them and they need replacement.**