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Product Description


2019 You should have a unique, healthy, efficient and safe earwax cleaner!

The accumulation of cerumen can affect ear canal health and hearing, but do you know the danger of using unsafe ways to remove ear wax?

Using cotton swabs to dig earwax cannot completely clean, because the head of the swab does not have the structure to collect wax.If you use paper towels to remove earwax, tissue paper pieces can easily fall in the ear canal, causing new clogging.If you use your fingers to remove ear wax, insanitary nails can cause ear canal infection.



About Our Brand.

Mexitop, the leading expert in health and personal care products. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied users worldwide. We ensure a world-class quality standard to give our customer a safe usage with our product for your ear health and sanitation, give us a try! Mexitop Ear Cleaner System is all about fun and quality choice!

Comes with Two Different Shape of Replacement Tips, Functional for Your Need.

T Shape Ear Pick.Slowly insert into the very place maybe deep of your ear canal, then get the wax which is too deep to reach and residual wax upon you ear canal wall.Spiral Shape Ear Pick.Choose different shape of spiral tips according to your ear canal size, can be rotated by 360 degree, gently twist and get your itchy ear wax out!

Quality material, food and medical grade silicone.

FDA, CE and ROHS strictly testing.

Professional R&D team to innovate a new version, ergomonic designed product.

Comes with storage box, protective bag, replacement tips, support tool kit. More than it originally has.

Super-mini size, portable and ensemble for your travel, business trip and more.


Extra Bonus Pack for You.

Considered that some people may have stubborn ear wax or residual earwax difficult to remove, we also prepared two different shapes of stainless steel ear spoon for you. With the shining color of rose red gold, it can be used to clean up residual ear wax and obstinate ear wax. Keep your ears cleaner and more healthy.


What You Got in the Package:

1* Ear Cleaner Handle2* Large Spiral Ear digging2* Small spiral ear digging2* T-shape ear pick1* Mini storage box1* Mini storage bag1* Instruction manual 2* Rose gold support tool kit (with storage box)


Do you know the danger of using an unscientific-designed ear wax removal tool?

The accumulation of cerumen can affect ear canal’s health and normal hearing, there is a great danger to remove your ear wax in an unsafe way.

Cotton swabs are too tough to dig earwax completely , because the round head of the swab does not the structure to collect ear wax.

If you use paper towels to remove earwax, tissue paper pieces can easily fall in the ear canal, causing new clogging.

If you use your fingers to remove ear wax, insanitation in the nails can cause ear canal infection.

Professional R&D team develops and meets ergonomics: German professional R&D team conducts big data surveys on different ear canal structures and shapes, specifically designed NEW VERSION to meet the needs of different groups of people, ear wax will be excavated more efficiently and quickly. No more itch, no more hurt.
Medical-grade & food-grade soft silica gel to protect the ear canal: Our ear canals are easily scratched. Using poor quality ear-pickers can harm the ear canal and cause unimaginable serious consequences. Our ear wax cleaner uses the safe medical-grade &food-grade silicone and is rigorously tested to protect the ear canal while effectively cleaning the ear canal.
Equipped with storage box and protective bag, convenient: We have equipped you with a special mini storage box and protective bag. After use the device and clean it, you can keep it in the box to protect it , at the same time it can guarantee the safety of your next use. Easy to take along with your family travelling or business trip.
Mexitop is Creating a Unique Service for Brand-fans: 7/24 customer service team by your side helps to work out any problem you met. Just tell us by E-mail our customer service Mail Box. We will offer a satisfied solution for you.