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Product Description

Depstech Ear Tool Kit

Double-End Design: Featured with two heads of the piece, the simple one will become utility two, and your ears will be satisfied by additional care.   Traditional Scoops & Model Spin and Spiral in One Set: These item tips are not in the same shape or size, so they are ready to apply to scooping out your ear mite by general scoop or massaging the canals via twirling the spring tip.   Easy to Clean & Store: Especially designed Storage box will have a tidy room for the tool collection, and the small brush will help you remove the dirt from the ear pick.  
Tips for USE
  Before the use, pls sterilize the product via the soap water or alcohol.   Ear Canal is complex and complicate, and pls do the ear cleaning carefully.​​   If you do not feel well, pls go to the doctor at first!



Medical Helper, accurately removing ear mite with several kinds of ear picks: In addition to innovative spring and spiral shape, two different sizes of traditional ear picks and tweezers are able to adapt to different inner ear situations. All of them are easy to control for the ear inspection.
Delicate Storage Box & Cleaning Brush, putting away these items in order: The tools are small and disordered easily. Coming with the box and the brush will help you clean and hold them conveniently and safely and make you carry them in one hand. Whenever it is for your personal use or as a gift, it will be pretty adorable.
Secure Skid Resistant and Shiny Surface, stopping the irritation from misuse: These tools are specially designed without burrs, and they are able to be hold steadily in the handler hand, for the sake of its ergonomically design. The safety and comfort will be in priority in our products.
Depstech Warranty: At Depstech, we back up all our products with a 2-Years Limited Customer Service to ensure full satisfaction to our customers.