Category: Mental Health

A small tweak for kinder emails

📤 Today’s tip: Give your email a more human opening line.Crafting an email that sets just the right tone — warm but not prying, direct but not curt — is an art in even the best of times. And especially now, when everyone’s...

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A weekend activity to lift your spirits

🎲 Today’s tip: Play a new game (or an old favorite) this weekend.“If we are going to get through this in one emotional piece,” writes Forge editor Amy Shearn, “we are going to have to really stay connected to small and tangible...

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A tech tip to lighten your mental load

tech tip to cut your brain some slack✅ Today’s tip: Use a password manager to lighten your mental load.Between the uniquely 2020-flavored stress and all the things you’d have to remember just to keep your life running even in...

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The way to clear your background stress

✅ Today’s tip: Take an hour to do a sweep of your “open loops.”Procrastination can feel like a treat sometimes: Renew the car registration that expires next month? Aren’t we all too busy and stressed out and focused on other,...

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