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Product Description

Night Light for KidsNight Light for Kids

aurora night light sound machineaurora night light sound machine

white noise machinewhite noise machine

ocean wave soud machineocean wave soud machine

Ocean Wave

Set the timer and choose the Ocean wave sound, you will find your baby is out in no time. This is a great option if you are putting your little one down for a nap.

white noise machinewhite noise machine

White Noise

The uniform white noise produced the dudible sound range (0-20KHZ)allows the human brain to adapt quickly without feeling it. And it can cover or weaken other noises that would affect people, in result, creat a comfortable sleeping environment.

white noise machinewhite noise machine

Summer Night

Choose the summer night sound, you will get a peaceful,gentel and refreshing feeling, the kids will love the sound of frog, just like the relaxing summer vacation begins.

noise machinenoise machine

Rain, Brook, Thunder

Rain, Brook, Thunder are the sounds from nature, mimic the sound range of the real ones, help your little one fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

ocean wave soud machineocean wave soud machine

white noise machinewhite noise machine

white noise machinewhite noise machine

noise machinenoise machine

sound machinesound machine

aurora night lightaurora night light

Three Way Use

1. With the dome cover on, it is a little night light, help some one who are scared of darkness in the night,

2. With the dome cover off, it is a great aurora night light, help you kids enjoy a wonderful northern light, mimic that you are in the North Pole

3. it can be served as a white noise machine with no sound.

Romote Control Night Light

Romote Control Introduction

1. Turn On/Off the machine

2. Play or stop music

3. Switch to Bluetooth mode

4. Motor rotated or not

5. Change llight mode

6. Turn off the red laser

7. Brightness adjustment

8. Long press to adjust volume, short press to choose previous/ next song
when playing music via Bluetooth

9. Set the timer or cancel timer

10. Build-in 6 natural sounds, Ocean wave, White Noise, Summer Night,
Thunder, Brook, Rain

White Noise Sound Machine: Built in 6 soothing sounds (White Noise, Ocean Wave, Summer Night, Thunder, Brook, and Rain) a variety of white noise options to filter out surrounding distractions that may disturb your minds. The soft sounds are perfect for setting up an ideal sleep environment, drowns out the noises of night it is really soothing for kids and adults to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.
Built In Bluetooth Speaker: This machine default Bluetooth mode, just open the Bluetooth list to hook up with your phone. Bluetooth 4.1 it’s easy and stable to pair with your smart phone or tablet, you will love that you can play your own music via the Bluetooth more convenient and more choices.
Easy to Operate The Aurora Night Light Projector with Remote: With the remote control, even your little one can operate it easily, just press the button on the remote to choose the light and the sound you like, also adjust the brightness, volume and timer.
4 Timers, 3 Way Use and 1 Year Warranty: 1, 2 or 4 hr auto off timer, or just press the “Timer Off” to continuous run the white noise machine. It can be used in 3 ways, with the dome on or off, to serve as a little night light or a aurora night light projector lights, it also can be used as a white noise sound machine without the light-Turn on the machine, press the “Light Pattern” for 7 times, press the “Aurora On/Off” then you can enjoy a white noise machine without the light. This projector lamp has 1 year warranty with proof of purchase.