tech tip to cut your brain some slack

✅ Today’s tip: Use a password manager to lighten your mental load.

Between the uniquely 2020-flavored stress and all the things you’d have to remember just to keep your life running even in normal times, your brain is keeping track of a lot right now: Where in the house did you leave your mask? When was that vet appointment, again? Is today Thursday, or was that yesterday?

If there’s any piece of information you can dump out of your head and into a safe outside container, by all means, do it. “Enter the password manager,” Nick Wolny writes in Debugger: “a glorious little tool that will both help you be more secure and free up precious brain space.”

Explains Wolny: “In a password manager, you have one ‘master password’ that unlocks your dashboard of various logins and passwords. While some password managers have a small fee, the cost is nominal compared to the headache of being locked out of your logins.” Sure, you can commit to memory that your bank password has slightly different capitalization from your Twitter login, which, actually, you just had to change by one letter— or you can protect your data in a way that also eases the mental burden you carry around each day.

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By: Cari Nazeer
Title: A tech tip to lighten your mental load
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