✅ Today’s tip: Start the day with a chest-opening breathing exercise.

You know what you deserve right now? To feel calm. Even for a few moments. It’s probably been a while.

On Elemental, the therapist Michele DeMarco offers a breathing technique to soothe your pounding heart and get you into a less anxious headspace:

Sit in a chair or on the floor — anywhere works. Bring your hands to your shoulders, elbows facing front. Inhale, as you expand wide across your chest. Open your elbows as far as they’ll go, and slowly lift your chin. Exhale as you pull your elbows into the front of your heart and tuck in your chin. Breathe deeply for a count of eight, focusing on your inhalation. Repeat until you feel a shift toward calm. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away. Keep going — you will.

Deep-breathing exercises like this one, DeMarco explains, engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which tempers the body’s stress response. As a favor to yourself, try it this morning, before you start your workday.

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By: Cari Nazeer
Title: A quick calming technique to try today
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