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Ear Canal Knowledge:

The ear wax removal tool produced by the human body may be embolized, the degree and location of the embolism have different symptoms. If the external auditory canal is not completely blocked, it is asymptomatic. Complete obstruction is hearing loss. If the deafness is pressed against the eardrum membrane, it can cause dizziness, tinnitus and hearing loss. If the deafness compresses the skin on the posterior wall of the external auditory canal, it may cause a reflex cough due to stimulation of the vagus nerve ear; if the water swells, it may cause a sudden drop in hearing.
✓SAFETY ANTI-SKID: It is safe and non-allergic. The surface is smooth and round, the handle is non-slip design, the appearance is elegant, safe and easy to control.
✓ LONG-LASTING USE: This ear wax pick is designed with USB charging, no trouble to change battery regularly. Easy to connect with laptop and power band. Can be used 60 times when fully charged.
✓ EASY to CLEAN and SANITIZE: The tool set is equipped with two white and yellow ear picks, which are easy to distinguish and use separately. Rinse directly with hot water or with alcohol before and after use.
✓ PORTABLE PACKAGING: The ear wax removal tool Comes with a portable box that can be stored with you for everyday home use or travel.