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See the difference a large Full-size diameter optical quality lens can make! Our largest model otoscope with our largest lens. Not All Otoscopes Are Created Equal – Be Sure to Choose Wisely! Stop wasting tons of money on unreliable otoscopes that either don’t work or are difficult to use. Designed by an experienced ER physician, the Pro Doctor Mom LED Otoscope is our best model when it comes to brightness and clarity with our largest lens that combines superior quality, functionality, and an attractive price. Extremely durable and specifically designed with a full-size handle that is powered by 2 C cell batteries that will last and last. This otoscope kit comes complete with both Adult and Pediatric size disposable specula and a high-quality optical lens, offering a crystal clear view of the tympanic membrane. Specula Sizes: 4.75mm for adults and 2.75mm for children and infants. Inside the package, you will also find a weblink with 30, high-resolution eardrum photos of healthy and diseased eardrums, as well as an instructional sheet describing how to properly use your otoscope for best viewing results. Get It with Confidence! Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of our otoscope, we are able to offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee, and we will always stand behind our products no matter how long you may own it! With nothing to lose, order your otoscope today! Click “Add to Cart” Now, While Supplies Last! Disposable Specula are available on Amazon for this otoscope.

The LED advantage with soft white incandescent light spectrum (since Nov 2017) like halogen but without the FRAGILE filament of an incandescent halogen bulb. Our LED module should never need replacement plus LED has the advantage of very low power consumption. A set of batteries will last and last. Halogen bulbs contain fragile filaments that burn out over time and are fragile just like the old incandescent bulbs used in table lamps. You would bump against them and they go out for good.
This model has our Largest Optical Quality GLASS scratch resistant Lens plus an Insufflation Outlet!
Includes 30 High resolution eardrum photos and detailed use instructions written by an experienced ER physician provided via a weblink
Powered by 2 C cell batteries for a bright warm white LED light (not the old bluish led color spectrum) that should be very easy on batteries, shock and drop proof, and never need replacment.