Meditation is a versatile tool that has stood the test of time. Now in the modern era, Westerners have re-discovered one of the simplest and healthiest ways to support ourselves and our development on the spiritual path

However, people bring a lot of stuff into meditation. People bring a vast number of expectations and beliefs, and this creates a great deal of confusion. People get confused about what should happen in meditation and how it should go. Some questions people get stuck on include:

“Should I always feel peaceful and have a quiet mind when I meditate?”

“Will meditation heal me of my ailments [insert whatever you want healed]?”

“How will meditation help me to achieve enlightenment?”

There are plenty of other questions people have, and so I thought it’d be important to do an online class on this topic to help you properly engage with this old, but incredibly relevant spiritual tool. There will be 5 main uses I’ll discuss, but who knows? Maybe I’ll mention a few more during the class.

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5 Uses for Meditation Class Description

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