If you believe you have to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a good diet, you don’t need vitamins – say wrong!  The shocking fact is that 90 percent of us have a sort of nutritional deficiency, even if you do all you can to remain healthy.  I ran a micronutrient check on a number of my fitness guru friends, to prove this point. They’re all known to get their food and lifestyle habits dialed down – they’ve literally based their livelihoods around that!  All had some differences in their nutritional ratios when the results came back. It became clear we might Both benefit from some smart supplementation.  The great news is that adding vitamins to your everyday routine is one of the simplest ways to make your body look and sound the best it can!

When you understand all the reasons why you can’t get all the nutrients you need from your diet anymore, I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am to be consistent with the basic habit of fitness.

An important note: You may think I’m writing a blog about supplements because I’m selling several supplements in my shop. Probably the opposite is valid! I give high-quality vitamins to my friends, and years of testing and consumer service have taught me that without them you can not be your healthiest. Adding nutrients to your daily routine will reap enormous health benefits and add years to your life! Below are the top five reasons why supplements are so important:

Reason 1:

If you’re going to the nearest grocery store, you’ll find much of the food in bags, bubble wrap, or jars. Fast-food restaurants do a booming market, and vending robots make soda and blue sports drinks readily available to busy people.

With the Regular American Diet, it’s no wonder we have an epidemic of chronic disease and obesity! (Such is “SAD,” in short …)

Many refined foods are nutrient depleted, and you can’t get the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants you need to survive. Highly inflammatory foods are among the most common in our diet a sure way to decrease the nutrient absorption ability!

We are a nation of people with nutritional shortages, and we need vitamins to get things better – starting with a high-quality multivitamin & mineral.

Reason 2:

The soil used to cultivate our crops was overfarmed and polluted with chemicals so that with every harvest, our fruits and vegetables lack more nutritious value.

Studies indicate the nutrient content of our fruits and vegetables has fallen dramatically from half a century ago, due to new farming techniques.

For our safety, we have traded high volume growth.

To put that into perspective, you need to eat eight oranges to get the same number of vitamins as your grandparents’ generation used to get in one orange!

Here’s why: pesticides that defend our crops against bugs often make our produce poor.

As a natural means of self-preservation, fruits and veggies produce beneficial phytonutrients and Polyphenols. Pesticides mean that they do not require protection, and when we feed them, we still lose the value of those nutrients.

As if these causes of nutrient loss are not bad enough, fruits and vegetables are usually picked until they are fully mature, and shipped long distances to the grocery store weeks later by air-polluted traffic.

And they have already lost a lot of nutritious interest by the time you take the fruits or vegetables out of the supermarket bin. Smart add-ons will cover what’s lacking.

Reason 3:

We live in the most dangerous atmosphere ever seen in the real world!

Every day the average person is exposed to 84,000 different chemicals. You need an extra dose in vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes enough to help the body get rid of the toxins to keep you safe.

Toxins can be found, just to name a few examples, in washing materials, plastic water bottles, personal care products, and mercury dental fillings.

They have also laded our products with fake colors and preservatives, chemical additives such as MSG, and artificial sweeteners. Our drinking water is made of harmful species and contaminants of all sorts, including iodine, ammonia, fungi, viruses, and even medicinal traces! 4

Clearly put, without a continuous chemical intake it is difficult to get to an ordinary day.

Such toxic substances and chemicals affect the immune system, hormones, gut microbiota, and more.

Supplements are required to mitigate the adverse effects of daily toxin exposure by helping your liver, immune system, gut lining, and brain health!

Reason 4:

Only the healthiest, most nutrient-rich diet can’t benefit if you can’t break down the things you consume and drink them.

Sadly, you appear to develop fewer digestive enzymes after the age of 35, the compounds responsible for preparing the diet for digestion and feeding.

That’s why most of us need some extra assistance to help digest our meals, so we can get access to the health-giving nutrients from the food we consume. (For this reason, I take Safety Net Plus before every meal.)

Approximately 50 percent of us do take at least one type of medicine and may induce deficiencies in nutrients. My good friend, Hyla Cass, also wrote a whole book on how drugs can obstruct your ability to digest nutrients and cause more health issues.

For example, statins used to control high cholesterol are proven to deplete CoQ10, while type 2 diabetes treatment metformin has been found to significantly reduce the amounts of folic acid and B12 in the body – this can wreak havoc with anything from metabolism to mood!

Reason 5:

The gut microbiota contains about 70% of the immune system, and you just want it to stay healthy!

The balanced flora in your digestive tract influences every part of your well-being, from the mood to sleep habits-including sex drive! And because modern diet, drug use, stress, and age can all deplete your gut’s healthy bacteria, it’s important that you replenish them.

The best approach is to follow a diet high in fermented foods every day. Nonetheless, many of the same products contain sugar, elevated histamine levels, and other compounds that may be hard on the system; it can also be time-consuming to process fermented foods yourself.