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About earwax and its harm:
The American Foundation for Hearing Research pointed out that earwax is a normal product of the ear and is used to protect the skin of the ear from water and bacterial infections.
But over time, earwax can accumulate, causing hearing impairment or trapping bacteria in the ear and causing infection, which is usually painful or itchy.
The development history of our products:
I have tried cotton swabs, but the cotton swabs are too hard, and the round tip of the cotton swab does not have the structure to collect earwax, so it cannot help to completely clean the earwax.
Later, I tried q-tip again. Although the concept is very novel, it does not clean out earwax. And the current negative rate of q-tip products is relatively high.
Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we spent a lot of time researching various products. After that, we communicated with the manufacturers and improved, and finally combined the current products.

LED luminous ear tweezers: The shape of the fish is cute and made of top-grade stainless steel, which is durable. The tool has a very effective tweezers head and has a non-slip line for ear wax removal. With lights, cleaning is more convenient.
Ear picker: 2 pieces of double-spiral double-headed earplugs can help you massage the ear canal and relieve itching during cleaning. It is gentle and comfortable, can clean small earwax, can rotate 360 ° freely and thoroughly clean earwax
Perfect gift: portable metal storage box, elegant and practical, can store and carry your ear spoon, suitable for daily home use or travel use, all products in this set are beautiful rose gold, very high-end atmosphere, can also be given to family members Or the ideal gift for a friend.
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