Nothing I’m about to say is new. It’s just another way to say the same thing.

Conscious suffering is the ego grind I’ve mentioned before. It’s where we now understand that we are the witness, and we are watching our mind, heart, and body do what they’ve been conditioned to do. We watch ourselves unconsciously choose to suffer and realize that we have no way to change this choice…yet.

Consider getting a divorce. This is a common thing to happen for people. But for a person who has let go of a little ego, they understand that there is nothing threatening about this change of a relationship. They realize that they don’t have to be happy or excitement or sad or scared.

Yet, their unconscious preferences about the situation happen anyway. So they get upset or scared or excited or whatever their ego thinks they should feel. But now you have a choice to make: to agree with the unconscious and habitual emotional choice and react. Or you can continue to surrender. 

If you surrender, you will suffer while your habitual/unconscious response still happens. AT the same time, when you are consciously suffering, you no longer feed those responses, and so you are allowing those responses to gradually run out of energy until they no longer happen at all.

Letting the Fan Run Out of Energy

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