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Product Description

Sinus ReliefSinus Relief

Are you ready to live pure?

At Living Pure, we strive to provide you with the purest, undiluted, and most potently powerful essential oils available today. For everything from pain and stress relief to improved immunity and mood, our oils are formulated for maximum benefit.

As the number of people experiencing better health and wellness through essential oils rises, more and more “companies” have emerged claiming to offer the best and most pure products. But the truth is far different. While some sellers manipulate legal regulations to label their products “all natural,” here at Living Pure, ours really are. We are absolutely committed to formulating our oils 100% organically with no harmful chemicals or additives.

Our oils are perfect for oil diffusers and blend well with other oils to create your own personal mix of calming, fine fragrances. At Living Pure, our oils bridge the gap between ancient Apothecary and Modern Herbalism and Aromatherapy. We offer only the finest essential oils on the market and stand behind our products.

Ailment Relief Noticeable Results Organic and Pure

A Breath of Fresh Air:

Are you ready to breathe easy? Respire can help! Respire essential oil blend is the perfect solution for stuffiness and congestion.

DROWSY & CHEMICAL FREE RELIEF: Effective for helping congestion.
NATURE’S REMEDY FOR CONGESTION: Anti-allergenic chest rubs opens sinuses
THE POWER OF PURITY: Contains no toxins, additives or fillers and is undiluted
CUSTOMERS SAY: Smells wonderful and opens up my sinuses in a matter of minutes! I’m a BIG fan!